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Monday, 5 March 2018

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  Chrome To Mark All Unencrypted Pages As ‘Not 

Secure’ Starting From July 2018


Well, things are not going to be the same anymore. Google Chrome has decided to mark all HTTP sites as “not secure” starting from July 2018. Chrome’s security product manager revealed this in a recent blog post. What about the status now? Well, as of now Chrome displays an information icon which is neutral in its nature. You can expect to see the new changes with the version 68. The version 68 will have additional notification in the address bar to warn users about “not secure” HTTP websites. It’s a big deal! It has far fetching implications attached to it, which will force website owners to buy HTTPS certificates. As of now, Chrome shows a “secure” sign next to a green lock icon for HTTPS enabled websites.

Chrome will soon mark all unencrypted pages as 'not secure'

Well, it is not a phenomenon for Google. In fact, Google has been doing everything to make sure that unencrypted sites receive a cold shoulder. But the latest move has to be the most explicit move from the tech giant. Starting from 2015, Google search started penalizing unencrypted websites. And that was just the beginning. The next year, Chrome had to implement warning for password files which were unencrypted. If you need assistance, you will find plenty of Website Design Services in Bangalore for the same.

The latest announcement

What exactly did Chrome say in the latest announcement? According to Google, the increase in popularity of HTTPS has made them take such a stand. It seems like all the serious webmasters have already made the jump. And that makes it easy for Google. All the major websites have already adopted HTTPS. And when it comes to Chrome traffic, most of it is already encrypted.
Chrome traffic has already made that transition. According to Chrome, they favoured such a move given there is lot of acceptance for HTTPS. In the last year or so most of the serious webmasters out there took the plunge. And they expect to see an even more balanced scene by July 2018. And that gives enough confidence to Google to go for it.

HTTPS offers protection

HTTPS is a necessity. You cannot turn your back on it anymore. It acts like a protective layer between the browser and the website. This makes it tamper free. Nobody will be able to spy on it either. When such a protection is not there, then it becomes easier for malwares and hackers to make their way. Intercepting information becomes an easy task in such a scenario. Legitimate pages will suffer as a result. Or in other words, it is high time for you to adopt HTTPS on your website.

Besides, implementing HTTPS is no longer a complicated task. You can get it done with the help of automated services. We can take the example of Let’s Encrypt here. You have very little excuses left to not implement HTTPS. In fact, Google has mentioned their ‘Lighthouse tool’ which will be highly useful in getting it achieved. So it is high time for you to implement HTTPS if you don’t want to be left behind in July 2018.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore
  Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners In 2018?
Your Facebook page has no dearth for likes. In fact, they like to share and comment on your posts. But they hardly go for a purchase on your website? Does that scenario sound familiar? You might be wondering why they stay away from making a purchase despite showing tremendous interest on Facebook. May be you have not created the right content which makes way for sales. There is no point in posting funny, highly-interactive content which leads to no sale.

You shouldn’t make posts which focuses solely on your product. You should not make posts which have very little to do with your product either. It’s about telling an interesting story where you can effortlessly talk about your product as well. You can easily find a Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore to assist you in this.

Let’s see how you can create paying customers from your Facebook likes below.

Fan only coupons drive sales
If you truly want the attention of your potential customers, then you have to think about fan only coupons. Customers simply love coupons. At the least, they will be inclined to browse through the list of your products. They have liked your page. But that is no indication that they are going to buy the products. May be, they just want to subscribe to the interesting posts you share on Facebook. Coupons are a great way to entice your potential customers. You need to realize the fact that customers always appreciate coupons and discounts. However, you need to realize the fact that coupons are far more enticing than discounts. And that is mainly because of the fact that coupons are free. To make it an effective strategy, you have to make it fans only. You should take the help of a Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore in implementing the same.

Introduce the product with the help of a story
The most important thing you need to remember is that products can be really boring. People will find your product exciting only when you show them the cool applications for this product. The idea is to come up with a story which is interesting for the users. And it is about having a clever strategy to intrigue the Facebook fans. You should not emphasise too much on the product. Instead, you should focus on activity and results. Images work better than words. So try to go for apt images in place of texts.

Behind-the-scene footage helps build trust
People love to learn about what goes on behind the scenes. And if you let them be a part of it, they will show more excitement in buying your product. When they understand what happens behind the scene, they will make a mental note of the product you are selling. And when they finally have some use for it, they will recall your brand before any other brand.

Employee interviews
You might not believe it – but employee interviews can be really helpful in creating an interest in the minds of potential customers.

Show how it gets made
When you show people how you make your product, customers are bound to respect the brand more. It also gives you an opportunity to tell your customers that you maintain a certain standard when it comes to the production.

Try the aforementioned methods to turn your Facebook likes into paying customers.

Monday, 19 February 2018

3 Tips to Get More Positive Reviews From Your New and Old Clients

Positive reviews are priceless possessions for successful marketing. A recent study has shown that about 70% of the internet users did price comparison often or read the reviews before visiting any physical store. Online reviews are extremely important for online as well as offline business. But it is das that majority businesses do not feel the importance, neither do they convince customers for leaving a positive review. Yes, sometimes it’s pretty challenging to ask for positive reviews and they also have the fear of acquiring negative feedback. Mainly, one cannot just ignore the power of online reviews, in an ethical way.

Do you know that a Digital marketing company in Bangalore can get you out of this problem? They will take all responsibility to ensure you get a handful of genuine reviews every month. If you are thinking about getting that precious online feedback, take a look at the 3 best ways to convince your old and new customers:

1. After completing the service, ask for reviews
There are many concerns and doubts about encouraging for reviews in an ethical way. There are websites like Yelp that sift to keep the best reviews and discard that improper ones. Businesses do have the privilege to give out a message to the customers to let them know that the company has read all the reviews. It’s nothing bad if a business asks for just review (good/bad) because that does not mean influencing customers. Infact asking for reviews from each and every consumer is a greatway to collect positive reviews. Review is synonymous to negativity because only angry customers feel the urge to post. Get rid of the thought that you are pushing the customers, because reviewing means sense. According to marketing strategists, every customer should be asked for reviews. It’s a company’s duty to let consumers know how much opinion matters and how important it is.

2. Scrutinize your present reputation to see how customers react
There is one more way to collect positive reviews and this is why you need reputation management. It’s all about finding out what bothers customers the most about your service and then you can work on those. Reputation management is a great way to filter out false information. You can also know what people talk good/bad about your business. For instance, if a restaurant sees negative reviews related to delivery, they can take step to fix the issue. After this customers can give good reviews about the new system. This is all about turning your weakness into strength, a way of gaining good reviews. A company offering Online marketing in Bangalore can help you in this.

3. Quick response to feedback
Now, why do you have to fear negative feedback? Infact respond to negative feedback even more quickly to prove your credibility. It’s the duty of the business owners to respond to all reviews on various channels. Responding to reviews gives an impression that you care about customer opinion. It’s always good to prove to your customers that you are listening to them, the praises and grievances.

More positive reviews mean better business because customers will be lured towards buying more products. Do not use unethical means because it might backfire and hamper the reputation.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

5 Simple Steps Make a Small Business Website Designing 

- A Simple Guide For 2018

Professional website development companies in Bangalore have a view that there were very few small businesses which acquire their websites and there are more people who are planning to design their websites in 2018. Some marketers don’t create a website as they find it a difficult task to do. But not having a website means wasting the potential of gaining more customers and hence losing the revenue which could be earned. However, creating or designing a website is really easy and you can do it simply by just performing 5 easy steps. 

Website Designing Company in Bangalore

Here, we are discussing a 5 step guide for those who are planning for the websites of their small businesses. Hope it will help you:

1. Select your small business domain name and get it registered
The very first step one need to follow is to choose a domain name for small business website for ex, www.xyzbusiness.com and check whether the name is available or not on the respective domain search tool like godaddy.com. In case your domain name is available, you need to get registered by filling details and make payment. But in case, it’s not available, you need to make some changes and adjust your name. .com domain is more preferable if its available, otherwise you can add some suffix and amend your domain name.

2. Selecting the platform or the host
The next step after choosing the domain name of the small business, you need to choose the right platform that will be hosting your website. There are various platforms such as Wordpress, Weebly, Wix, blue host etc. you can choose among them correctly as they will be the host platforms who’ll be storing your website and make visitors seen them. Each platform has its own payment structure and some of them also allow you to design your website for free. Business website design Bangalore prefer Weebly and blue host as top platforms for creating business website design.

3. Create website content
The next step you need to perform is to outline your website content. Rich and less content is best for any website. The creation of content comprises of homepage that should describe the motive or the work of your business, products and services that are provided by the business, about us section covers the company’s background and testimonials, and lastly the contact details in the ‘contact us’ segment.

4. Logo design
Deciding a logo is an important part of your whole website. The logo should be simple, related to theme and should complement the web pages of the websites. The color font and style of the logo directly impacts the website. In case you have an existing logo off-line then it’s perfect and if not, then designing a logo is necessary.

5. Design your website
After get ready with all the segments of your website, assembling it together and making website attractive is real job. A visitor decides in just 2-3 seconds whether he’ll be stating or abandoning. So, make sure that you will create good impact at first site so that you can retain the existing visitors and attracting more traffic.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Best Website Design Bangalore

Do you want to know the secrets behind the top-rated websites?

Here are 10 of them revealed.

To gather information behind the success story of top-rated websites, our team visited the Top and Best Web Designing Bangalore. They shared a lot of information on how this website development company in Bangalore has built a handful of top rated websites and took us in confidence to reveal many secrets.

Here is a general overview of how a company website architecture should progress. It involves ten stages to be followed in a chronological order

1. Briefing of the Project:

In the first stage you need to brainstorm with your Client, get a summary of what they have in mind. The next step would require you to ascertain the Target Audience. Try to get a clear idea, whom the website is going to cater. Find out the existing competitors in the same ground. Finally, meet the decision makers of the site and discuss out with them to fix up the budget.

2. Website Target Definition:

Nothing can take shape without a goal or a target. A website too needs to have a goal, a motif and a target to achieve. Try to know about the targets and work towards meeting them by Specifying, Measuring, and Attaining with a relevant and time-bound approach.

3. Defining the Target Audience:

To identify the target audience of any website, define the activity and build up a community. Track down where the website is going to be advertised, who are going to visit it and are showing interest in joining the community.

4. Competitor Analysis

Competitors are the ones who can make or break your business. You can find them out with the help of conducting competitor analysis research through market participation poll and get useful information from the Internet and print media.

5. User Goal

Each website would have its goal which could be identified with the user. The goal is basically the subject matter of the website which would gather the people who share the same interest.

6. Mapping the Scenario

Each website architect needs to map the user experience from the angle of an end user through all the activities that are taking place on that website.

7. Mapping the Mind

The mind mapping stage comes when a solid system needs....... 

Monday, 5 February 2018

Though content marketing and SEO marketing plays individual roles in digital marketing, but they are interconnected. To support your keyword strategy, you require creating meaningful content and on the other hand to enhance the traffic on your website or to boost your perceivability, you need effective back links. Therefore, good content and back links support each other and are fit together to boost your website. SEO Company in Bangalore follows similar strategy to deliver best SEO services in Bangalore to their clients.

Best SEO services Agency in Bangalore

Let us learn about how content and back links work together to boost your website.


Establishment of back links for SEO Company in Bangalore is considered as most imperative skill to be performed for a viable SEO Strategy. It will help you to up-rank your web pages on Google and search engines. But have you ever think that what the power behind the effective backlinks is. It is the content which should be convincing and relevant. If you’ll able to create and increase killer content, other site will probably link back to your top notch content and this will enhance the rankings of your site.


According to SEO Company in Bangalore, to provide the Best SEO services in Bangalore, keywords are the basic component of SEO. Keywords refer to the most important words or expressions which are found all through your site. Every organization should have a unique and extraordinary keyword strategy, as the business organizations uses keyword search strategy to make it more convenient for the users to search their business by using keyword. It enables individuals to reach at your site through Google and other searching tools. Hence, keywords likewise are utilized to direct and create content strategy for greeting pages and blog posts.


For achieving success in SEO Marketing, consistent efforts is required on developing back links and content as Google always demand crisp content. The web pages on which content is highly qualified and upgraded are seem to be quickly indexed and got higher position in SERPs. This is the sole reason why B2B marketers are consistently working on producing quality content. In fact, this is a duty of an advertiser to deliver quality and relevant content to its users as Best SEO services Company in Bangalore is doing. It will enable your website to grab more attention and traffic on their websites.


We can say that content and back links are two sides of a same coin. They work separately in digital marketing strategy but cannot work without each other. If you are not working on one, working on other is of no use. If you want an impressive SEO system, lining up of both content and back link is required. Thus, creating impactful quality content is necessary to draws in crowd, enhance your site rankings and to retain you’re intended audience to return back on your website.

Monday, 29 January 2018

One of the biggest and best advantages of the internet is that it gives the facility of buying and selling online. With this, online shopping is seeing a high time rise in the recent years. Many established organizations are converting their sales method towards e- commerce. Online shopping gives the shopper a unique experience of choosing from a wide range of variety spread across the globe at reasonable and budgeted prices. It is no wonder that the share of online retail sales is growing at a steady pace.
Ecommerce Website Design Company in Bangalore
Transitioning or converting your offline store into an e commerce website can be considered as a nice idea; especially if your business has shown some profitability over the years. Before starting up with the transitioning, make sure that the internal systems of your business are in proper alignment and that the business uses can be easily analysed to track down the various prioritised factors.
E commerce design website will let the consumers to choose the best product ranging from a huge variety and that too at their own comfort and availability. One of the finest e commerce services are offered by Magento Website Development Company in Bangalore. Listed below are few of the online e commerce practices that can help building an E- Commerce Store:
Architectural Requirement: Before planning and implementing any practices, there is a need to understand the architectural requirements of the business. Building an online presence of an offline store will require a solid route plan and approach for a smoother transition to a multichannel business model.
Making Use of ERP: ERP or as it often called as Enterprise Resource Planning should be considered while starting up with an E Commerce Website, as this can influence platform choices during the early stages of any e commerce website development.
Planned Implementation of Inventory: While prioritizing your initial list, the most important factor is to consider the planned implementation of inventory management that will help with the online and offline data synchronization as a smooth transactional experience. Although, implementation strategies are diverse & different and depend upon the specific business niche and service area.
POS Implementation: If you still wish to stay offline, you can still make use of this online strategy of Web Based Point of Sale (POS), to keep your potential clients and customers happy, along with an increased productivity of the employee staff. A happy customer serves to spread “word of mouth” business strategy.
Redesign Your Online Store: The redesigning part could be a little tricky. Things that you must consider while switching to an online store are; “why not upgrade and stick to the old online practice?” “Adding functionality in the existing online practice could work?” The answer to these questions lies in the deep analysis and tracking of the consumer behavior. This can be tracked online by tracking down multiple profit influencing parameters like- bounce rate, time spent on a particular product and design and finally the cart abandonment.

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